Our Team

The biomass energy industry is crucial to our survival in our planet’s clean, healthy future. Our leadership team works around the globe to assess, develop and execute projects that will lead to a sustainable future.

For such an important task, we only work with the best:

B. Brian Wiita
President & CEO

Graduate of the University of Miami with a degree in Finance, Father of 4.

Brian is a co-founder and President and CEO of AHBiomass.  He is responsible for compiling the Team and Directing the Companies Financial and Strategic Planning. In the past 30 years Mr. Wiita has gained a broad range of experience in Commercial Investment, Finance and Development in excess of 200 million dollars. He has maintained solid relationships in the banking industry with such institutions as Indianapolis Life Insurance Company, UNUM, GE Capital, Equitable Life Insurance Company, Heller Financial and Lincoln National, just to mention a few.

Lee Martin
Executive Vice President & Director of Development

Masters Degree in Architecture, University of Florida, Father of 2.

Masters Thesis focus was Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology… A Rotating Floating Research Platform in the Gulf of Mexico… Utilizing Passive and PV Active Solar, Wind and Wave energy, generating methane gas from seaweed… generating Hydrogen Fuel from Seawater… Funded by Florida Sea Grant and Florida Department of Commerce…and in part by NASA.

30 years experience in Designing and Project Management of Manufacturing Projects, Commercial Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Industrial and Warehouses.


American Heritage Biomass is a world leader in viable, renewable and sustainable biomass energy sources. Our team works around the globe to assess, develop and execute projects that will lead to a sustainable future.


Our mission is to help create a cleaner, healthier planet by reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. American Heritage Biomass will achieve this mission by providing clean, renewable, sustainable energy to businesses and consumers around the world.


In short, we provide sustainable, clean energy by harnessing the power of humanity’s first energy source: Trees. We source fiber, manufacture wood pellets and deliver to the customer in a cost effective manner.


  • Carbon Neutral & Clean
  • Sustainable & Scalable
  • Renewable & Reliable
  • Efficient & Energy Dense