American Heritage Biomass takes its roll as an environmentally friendly, clean energy producer very seriously. The driving force behind our organization is sustainability

Currently, there is a finite amount of fossil fuels. Once those resources are exhausted, they are gone for millions of years. This source, and type, of energy is not sustainable for future generations and can lead to disastrous human and natural disasters. Our process is the exact opposite.

Young oak forest

Not only do we provide clean, reliable fuel in the form of wood biomass, but we actually replenish and renew our sources of this fuel. It is impossible to create more coal once it is used, but it is completely possible, and sustainable, to plant more trees.

This way, not only are we creating clean energy, but we are increasing the ability for future generations to also obtain and use these valuable resources. Our processes ensure that we will be able to sustain our energy needs and the health of the planet.

True, sustainable energy is here.


American Heritage Biomass is a world leader in viable, renewable and sustainable biomass energy sources. Our team works around the globe to assess, develop and execute projects that will lead to a sustainable future.


Our mission is to help create a cleaner, healthier planet by reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. American Heritage Biomass will achieve this mission by providing clean, renewable, sustainable energy to businesses and consumers around the world.


In short, we provide sustainable, clean energy by harnessing the power of humanity’s first energy source: Trees. We source fiber, manufacture wood pellets and deliver to the customer in a cost effective manner.


  • Carbon Neutral & Clean
  • Sustainable & Scalable
  • Renewable & Reliable
  • Efficient & Energy Dense