Benefits of Using Renewable Biofuel

Benefits of Renewable Biofuel

We are custodians of our planet. We have a responsibility to maintain its health for the generations ahead. Renewable, sustainable biofuel created from wood fiber biomass will ensure that our planet, and our children, have a healthy, clean future.

Reduction of Emissions

The Earth is an amazing machine. The cycles on the Earth, including the water and carbon cycles, make life on this planet possible.

The benefit of using woody biomass as a fuel source is that its carbon is already a part of the Earth’s current carbon cycle. While both woody biomass and fossil fuels release CO2 into the atmosphere when they are burned, only woody biomass does not produce any net increase in CO2 gas in our atmosphere.

Furthermore, trees, while growing, convert CO2 into oxygen; that is an impossibility for coal and other fossil fuels.

Fewer Pollutants

Not only does the very process of creating woody biomass help the environment by having no net gain of C02, but it has been shown to reduce the production of other pollutants and harmful emissions when paired with traditional fossil fuels. The EPA, and others, have conducted studies that reveal when coal is co-fired with woody biomass, the amounts of mercury, NOx and Sulfer Dioxide (cause of acid rain), are all reduced.

Longer Life of Non-Renewable Resources

Many people don’t realize how fuel like natural gasses, coal and oil are actually made. In short, they are produced by millions of years of decaying biomass being compressed and pressurized by the Earth. All of the plants and animals that died when the dinosaurs roamed the earth get buried by dirt and soil. Over a long period of time, the carbon in their decaying bodies turns to fossil fuels.

This is not a process that can be replicated or reproduced.

Woody biomass, on the other hand, is sustainable and renewable. As more businesses and industries switch from using fossil fuels to using woody biomass, hat reduces the use of fossil fuels. That means that we won’t run out of those resources as quickly.


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