Wood Pellet Production


What are wood pellets?

Wood Pellets are low-moisture, energy dense pellets made from fine wood fiber.

How are they made?

Our wood pellets come from fine wood fiber of trees. At American Heritage Biomass we utilize the highest fiber producing elements of our trees in the production and manufacturing of our wood pellets. We make sure no part of a tree is wasted and our wood pellets are made from entire tree resources such as chips, bark, sawdust and other by-products. We will use treetops, branches and other debris when appropriate. Because these resources are currently unused to a high degree, American Heritage Biomass ensures that there is no waste from forestry activities.

We use a particular species of tree that is specifically planted for harvesting purposes and will mature in as little as 7 years. That means that our sustainable cycle renews every 7 years and produces a source of energy that will renew and never run out. We use a planting schedule/rotation to ensure that each year we have a new crop of trees ready for harvest.

The fiber from all parts of the trees are harvested and reduced into fine sawdust. From there, our “pelletization” process compacts and seals the wood material into wood pellets. These pellets are extremely dense and because the natural elements of the wood create a “glue” that holds them together, they are 100% natural.

Our Manufacturing Facilities and Operations

American Heritage Biomass is committed to leading in example as well as with our products and services. With over a century of cumulative experience our human capital, combined with state of the art technology and facilities, AHB delivers carbon neutral, renewable energy sources all over the world.

With current contracts and relationships, our facilities and operations, are capable of acquiring, processing and transferring at least two million tons of fiber every year for the next seven years.

In addition, we will have two manufacturing facilities which are in the design/permitting phase which are scheduled as follows:

  • South East Georgia, first phase of 500,000 metric tons delivery by 2nd Quarter 2018, additional second phase expansion of 500,000 metric tons by 2018
  • North Central Florida, 250,000 metric tons deliverey by 3rd Quarter 2018

Benefits of Wood Pellets:

  • Wood Biomass Fuel is 100% environmentally friendly and does not produce harmful Greenhouse Gasses or pollution.
  • Emissions have been proven to reduce cancer rates, lung disease and birth defects.
  • The process actually removes pollutants from the environment and food cycle.
  • Biomass fuels derived from wood are more cost effective than their fossil-fuel counterparts.
  • Increase the number of “Green Jobs” and act as a fortifier of local economies.
  • We will achieve energy independence from current petroleum exporting nations that are plagued by regional instability.



American Heritage Biomass is a world leader in viable, renewable and sustainable biomass energy sources. Our team works around the globe to assess, develop and execute projects that will lead to a sustainable future.


Our mission is to help create a cleaner, healthier planet by reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. American Heritage Biomass will achieve this mission by providing clean, renewable, sustainable energy to businesses and consumers around the world.


In short, we provide sustainable, clean energy by harnessing the power of humanity’s first energy source: Trees. We source fiber, manufacture wood pellets and deliver to the customer in a cost effective manner.


  • Carbon Neutral & Clean
  • Sustainable & Scalable
  • Renewable & Reliable
  • Efficient & Energy Dense